Sunday, November 03, 2013

What a debacle!

I don't even know where to start. Let me just sum it up quickly... This year's exhibition is a total disaster (for us Brackenridge students, anyway). Because this year, the two art campuses have decided to join together and hold one big end of year exhibition instead of two, the "refused" (which is what us Brackenridge students have nicknamed ourselves) are getting the short end of the stick because one egomaniac teacher has decided it's all about her and what she chooses for the exhibition. One of our teacher asked us to bring along all the "good stuff", what we liked and wanted to possibly enter in the show... Bad mistake, I say! That gave "Queen Byatch" the run of the gamut. Had we taken in what WE wanted and ONLY what we wanted, that would be the end of it... She'd be force to pick those, and that's it. But no... I, along with all my other classmates, brought much more than what was allowed to show, and Mrs. Maniac picked the smallest, most forgetful pieces from each and everyone of us. It was so obvious the game she was playing! It all started with me. She first asked me which two piece I definitely wanted to enter in the show. I picked my lynx drawing from last semester and my kelpie sculpture. Then, she proceeded to cherry-picked through my stuff and selected one of my totem paintings (the acrylic one) and dismissed the other two. I told her "but this is a set", to which she quickly replied but "it's a print and a drawing... It doesn't fit in with the stuff of the exhibition". WTF!?! We HAVE prints and drawings on the wall! So she split up my little family trio. I was in shock and not the only one... When I looked around in the studio, all of my classmates were stunned (and I mean, gapping mouths, starring at each other, and whispering). But then, it gets even better! When came the time to put up the stuff on the wall, she ended up putting my little A4 painting (who is mostly reddish in colour) on an orange wall, next to a fire exit sign, above a water-fountain!!! One of my classmates was so appalled by it all that he went to see one of our other teachers and voice his disapproval. In the end, it was moved. This is only some of the things that happened to me... If I was to start writing about all the stuff that was done to my friends and colleagues, I reckon it would be a blog on its own.

Needless to say, being the emotional and short-tempered person that I am, and feeling tired and stressed as I was (one of my fur-babies being sick again with cat flu), I lost it!!! I kept my cool around Mrs. Byatch, but all my friends (and probably some of the school) knew EXACTLY how I felt. And they too were quite vocal about their frustrations and disappointment. But when a friend of mine and I were just about to leave, she "shooshed" us in the corridor (we weren't even being loud or boisterous). I just couldn't help myself and gave her a squinty-eyed retarded look... The kind of look she has permanently pasted on her face. Childish of me? Yes... But then this whole campus functions like a kindergarden, so I'll fit in just fine. I've given up hope of any accolades or recognition for this year since the head-mistress hates my guts (a mutual feeling, I assure you), but I haven't given up on selling anything because the feedback I've received so far from my peers and the public has been nothing but positive. Maybe my hopes will be dashed there too, who knows! After all, in order to sell something, it has to be up for display. Perhaps when I go back to the campus on Monday, my stuff will have been taken down or isolated in the middle of nowhere so nobody can see them nor purchase them. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this happens. Rant over.


  1. I don't understand why the other teachers didn't stand up and say something! Are they intimidated by her too? Big hug to you and all your classmates. What a frustrating end to a frustrating semester. At least the public folks seem to have good sense.

  2. Thanks soulsis. (((((hug)))))
    She's head honcho at Ithaca, so she outranks everyone. Not only does she teach there, but everything has to go through her. Can you see why I am SERIOUSLY reassessing continuing with the diploma? This, on top of my already stymying health issues, is a smidgen, wee too much for me to handle.
    Now I understand why my Thursday class teacher washed his hands clean of the exhibition, this year. He made it clear to us he just didn't wanna deal with the "egos"... I thought he was talking about the students! LOL!


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