Sunday, November 10, 2013

Opening night

Here are a few pics of our exhibition opening night. All of the photos are of my classmates works. I'm sure I forgot some of you... Apologies if I did.

Charyl's gorgeous acrylic painting... Relinquished at the end of a hall. Believe it or not!

Jenine's amazing graphite horses... Lost down the same forlorn corridor upstairs.

Sally's pastel (I think of her daughter, if memory serves)... Down in the same "Hall of the Refused".

Robyn's amazing blue agave pastel... Ditto as all of the above.

Ryan's acrylic still-life painting. This is a young Kiwi guy with bushels of talents... Lost amongst all us Refused!

Kate has such a knack for abstract, it's scary! The photo doesn't due justice of the left painting (metallic colours!)
Yup! You guessed it... Bunked on floor number 3!

This is Jim's massive mural painting of the Winton lookout. See how big it is? Yes... Another Refused!

And this is my friend Linda's tribute to Frida Kahlo.
Countless hours of work and lots of money went into this, and it didn't even make it into the exhibition!!!
When I told the teacher the amount of time, effort and money she had invested in it, her reply was...
"But does it make it good art?" This... Coming from a teacher!!!!


  1. All of them are gorgeous - hats off to all the artists (and a hiss to the teacher who placed them in the hall). But the funny thing is, the one I'm most attracted to is the one of Frida - the one that didn't make it into the exhibition. Please tell that dingbat teacher here in the States it is called "Folk Art" and HIGHLY sought after and collected (at least the well-done, talented pieces like this one).

  2. I just realized you are wearing the ravens shirt. :D

  3. :) Glad you noticed I was wearing the Morrigan shirt you got me! I showed Linda your comment and she said "how lovely of you to say such a thing", and "thank you very much!" :) I think the dingbat has a very narrow window of what she considers "art". As another one of my teacher's says "it's a very fine line between art and craft, and the gap is getting smaller and smaller." I tend to agree with him.


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