Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Back to the grind

My school break is nearly over. I'm off to TAFE in a couple of days time, and even though I've been sick with a bad cold/flu, I've managed to achieve most of what I had set out to do. Amidst sneezing, blowing my nose every 5 minutes and coughing up phlegm that would make the GLBT rainbow flag look rather dull, I managed to finish my three frames for my totem images, sanded and painted my kelpie sculpture, re-stacked my finished artwork outside of my work area (had some messy incidents that taught me a good lesson), cleaned out my studio and workshop (ready for my flute making project), and did all the research and theory that needed to be done for my art journal. I even wrote up a rough work proposal for my organic print project (I'll be using some shed snake skin for that one). I took a couple of photos of what I achieved. I was initially going to put up some before-and-after pics of my workshop, but I was just too damn embarrassed to do so (yes, it was THAT messy!)

Cleaned and ready for another round of messiness.
Moved the finished artworks out from my studio and stacked them neatly in the adjacent room.

Looking out from my studio

Looking into my studio.
Notice the finished "bronze" Kelpie sculpture at the bottom right handside of the big cupboard?

The three finished totem projects, based on Carl Jung's concept of the psyche (left to right).
The Ego (coloured pencil), The Personal Unconscious (dry-point etching), The Collective Unconscious (acrylic)

Notice the shadowing effect on the Personal Unconscious etching?
That is intentional. I used the printing plate as the protective glass for the print behind.
It gives it a ghostly 3D effect.


  1. Looks very nice and neat! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. It won't be for long, though! :) Have lots of woodworking coming up for this end of the semester.
    Am feeling almost back to normal (thank God!) Just in time for the return to school.


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