Friday, October 25, 2013

And then came the hammer!

You know what they say about life... It gently whispers a word of warning in your ear, then it kindly taps you on the shoulder to get your attention, and if you still haven't heeded the words of caution, it then slams you upside the head with a sledgehammer. Well... Yesterday, I got the hammer.

Because I have been doing lots of physical/manual labour, both my hands have been sore and numb (RSI, trigger finger, etc...) which means they are overused. I then tend to drop things and also forget how weakened they are. Yesterday, while in class, I was trying to unwrap a large bag of Feeneys red raku (12.5 kg / 27.5 lbs). As I was "giving birth" to the lump of clay, it rolled awkwardly unto itself and was heading for the floor. Me, in my brilliant mind, thought I could stop this heavy mass from rolling off by bracing it back with my left hand... There was a problem... The human thumb does NOT bend that way (at least, not that far!) Result... I ended up leaving school to go to the doc and get an x-ray. Luckily, nothing was broken or dislocated, but I am stuck with a badly sprained left thumb! I was sent home with some heavy codeine painkillers and told to ice it and bandage it. Just dandy!!! I still have loads to do before the end of the year... I didn't need this crap. :(

I did successfully finish this little guy before the accident (thank goodness!) I had a chat with my teacher before leaving... I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish the assignments and fail the whole semester (still had clay sculpture to do). He reassured me that it wouldn't be the case. I am so annoyed for causing myself such a dumb injury!

Styrofoam, textured paste with river sand and acrylic paints


  1. Read (when you're off the codeine, lol) the last couple of months of posts you've written. The only "good" ones were about your holiday, and you both got sick there! Please rest and do the minimum of what is required for school if you can soulsis. Your brain and body are having a tsunami-sized stress overload. (((C)))
    On a more positive note, the gargoyle looks GREAT! I can't believe he's not made of stone; you did excellent work there. :)

  2. Thanks soulsis! I hated carving him, but I had a ball texturing and painting him.
    It's no wonder I had a mini-meltdown the other day... I truly am at the end of my tether, and so is my body, I reckon. This is more than me just being my usual "clutsy" self. Never in my life have I been SOOOOO looking forward to the Xmas holiday. I usually feel homesick and melancholic, but I believe this year, I might just sleep through it all! LOL! :D


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