Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nearly there! :)

A few more days and D and I will be sitting on the beach in Port Douglas, chilling with Margaritas in our hands. I gave one last big push today, but I could only manage to finish my little acrylic painting for my Friday class. I guess the kelpie sculpture will have to wait 'til I get back. It should be well and truly dry by then, ready for painting.

This is a composition I did of a small black slate totem we bought in B.C. back in 2004. The background texture was created using paint and salt. I then superimposed both the totem and the texture together, ran them through a few Photoshop filter and printed out the composition. I then painted this image with acrylic paint on a gessoed piece of plywood.

Top one is the printed Photoshopped image. Bottom one is my painting.
It's only A4 in size, but it took me roughly 13 hours to do due to all the details.


  1. Salt and paint? Now that's a combination I'd never have thought of! I like your painting MUCH better than the photoshop version. Well done as always, soulsis.
    You guys have a relaxing trip - you both deserve it! (Hope you're both feeling better too.)

  2. You should give it a try, soulsis... It makes for some interesting effect! :) Just wet down some paper with watercolours or very diluted acrylic paints, and then toss some coarse salt on top of it. The salt will absorb the water and make lovely halo effects. You can also try some sand (fine or coarse).
    Thanks, luv. Yup! Feeling much better. We're both planning on "beaching" ourselves like a couple of whales for a few days. LOL! ;D


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