Monday, September 02, 2013

It's catching up to me!

I have pushed myself (yet again) so very hard to try and meet the deadlines before D and I leave on our holiday that my immune system just finally gave out on me, and now, I'm paying the price. Yup! Sick as a dog!! :( I went to classes this morning, only so I could hand in some homework and get my work assessed by my teacher. I ended up coming home early in the morning. I am coughing, tickle in the throat, hot/cold sweats, sneezing... Not sure if it's the flu or just a cold, but I feel like sh** refried over.

I have finally finished carving the durn plaster sculpture that messed up both of my wrists. I now have to wait for it to dry fully before I can sand it and paint it. It weighs a small metric tonne, and with any luck, the bloody thing should be dry before the end of this semester. I'm starting to hate my muse with a vengeance... I wish SHE'D go on a holiday! As much as I abhor airplanes, I think I'll be dancing in the aisle when it touches down in Port Douglas!


  1. Love all the motion! I like how from one side it looks like just one horse head, until you see it from the front or other side. Fantastically beautiful, soulsis. Now tell that damn muse of yours to take a hike and let you get well before your trip. :)

  2. Thanks soulsis! You bet I'll tell her to bugger off! I just hope her holiday destination isn't Port Douglas! LOL! :D
    Still feeling "bleh" today. Asked D if he took the license plate number of the truck that hit me.


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