Sunday, August 04, 2013

Birds, birds, birds!

I managed to find some time this weekend to go for a nice nature walk at the Boondall wetlands with my hubby. I brought along my Lumix camera to take some snapshots of the local residents. The birds seem to be more than willing to comply! I got some really nice snapshots.

If hubby hadn't spotten this guy, I would've missed the opportunity of a lifetime! This is a pacific baza, a type of hawk.

This fella was waiting for our lunch leftovers. It's a common crow. They have bluish/white eyes in Australia.

A little cattle egret. I managed to take a pic of him with a small fish in his bill.

An Australian white ibis and a white-faced heron, plodding along the mangrove coastline.

This Aussie white pelican must've just swallowed a huge fish! Look at his throat pouch!

This is a golden whistler. They have the most beautiful song.

An Aussie wood duck, resting near a small pond.

A grey butcherbird. They are noisier than our common pied butcherbird but less conspicuous.


  1. Glad you two found some time to relax and enjoy yourselves. The bird pics are lovely - I especially like the hawk one. I had no idea that the crows in Australia had blue eyes!

  2. Hey soulsis! Sorry for the delay... Crazy workload with school! I did manage to find some time off last week, and I'm gonna do so again this weekend. D is taking me to the Ekka, a sort of huge local agricultural fair that showcases our local produce, crafts and whatnot. It's become much more "commercial" than what it originally started off as, but that's a sign of the time, I guess. :)


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