Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Skyrim withdrawals anyone!?

I guess this is what I'm suffering from! Our Thursday teacher has given us an assignment; we have to make three small papier-mâché sculptures that "relate" to each other. Initially, I was going to make three skulls, one of wire, one of cardboard and one of a combo of wire, cardboard and paste... But I canned that I idea and opted for something more familiar; A viking helm, sword and shield. I MUST be having Skyrim withdrawals! :)

I'm still not 100% sure if I'll use the good old paper and paste technique or the paper clay I used for my wyvern. Since these are mostly flat surfaces and areas, I'm thinking newspaper and paste is the way to go here. I've yet to start working on the buckler, but I have made some headway with the helm and sword. I also decided to make some chainmail for the helm. Dear Lord! I have a much greater appreciation for the jewellery my friend Rachel makes! This is tedious, difficult and highly frustrating work!!! Oh! And on top of this project, I'm also working on my hybrid portrait and another coloured pencil drawing for our Friday class. Busy, busy, busy!!!

Tried to keep the authenticity and proportions right.

I'm seriously wondering if I'll have time to finish enough of this!

Photoshopped example of my hybrid portrait I'll be using to produce linoprints.

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