Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lumix DMC-G5

It's finally arrived on Monday afternoon, and what a little beauty it is! This is definitely a step-up from the traditional point-and-shoot digital cameras that are so readily available. Unlike those traditional cameras that simply do everything for you, this baby allows you full control of its many features. So instead of simply being a passive car driver, I am now learning what's under the hood and how to tweak it to my advantage. I'm learning about exposure, shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, focal point, etc... It's a lot to take in, even for my sponge-like brain! It'll be a while before I've remotely grasp the basics of it all, never mind mastering it all. But nevertheless, I'm up for the challenge. If I'm desperate, I can still use it as a point-and-shoot since it has an auto-everything function built into it, but that would defeat the purpose of getting a digital SLR camera in the first place. Luckily for me, hubby did take some photography courses several years back and he has been giving me some invaluable pointers and tips. I just wish he'd go a bit slower. :) It's kind of hard to understand what such-and-such does if you don't even understand the lingo! It's no point explaining to me that if the shutter speed and aperture aren't able to get enough light in for a good shoot, then you need to increase the ISO (!?!?!)

Anyways... I have been testing it out and learning its functions and how they all gel together. And here are a few decent photos I reaped out of a small series of 200 shoot. *cough cough snicker** Some are set on automatic, some have in-built camera filters added to them, and some are full-on manual ones. Please be aware that each photos hover around 30 megs in size. Whenever possible, I tried not to crop or resize them and used a TIFF compression instead of JPEG, which is much higher in quality but at the cost of a higher file size.

Little Ratty is a terrible subject for photography. Show her the camera and she's out of here...
Unless she's mesmerized by a cardboard box. ;)
Taken using H-FS014042 lens, intelligent ISO and auto-focus.

Early morning light, just before the sun peeks over the trees.
Taken using H-FS45150 zoom lens, manual focus, 160 ISO, in-built vibrancy filter.

Unlike Ratty, Boofy loves posing for the camera. Sunning herself in the dinning room.
Taken using H-FS014042 lens, 400 ISO and manual focus.

Morning light streaming across our very barren golden rain tree.
Trying to capture some lens flares (top left corner)
Taken using H-FS014042 lens, 160 ISO and auto-focus.


  1. You're doing well with your new toy! :D I like them all, but my favorite is the silhouette of the trees against the morning sky.
    No news yet...

  2. Thanks Soulsis! :) The skyline is my fav too!
    Fingers and toes crossed for you, hun! (((hug))) xoxo


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