Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Input needed

School has started on Monday, and boy... Was it full-on! We already have homework to do. The Monday class is all about drawing and printmaking. We have a semester-long drawing project we will be working on that will eventually be turned into linocut prints. Just like last semester, this is a hybrid self-portrait that will blend human and animal features. Currently, we are to research our personality traits and transpose them into animal features. For example; if you're a stickler for details and focus on small things that most people overlook, you could say you're like a tiny mouse... Seeing the world from a zoomed-in perspective. You could draw yourself with a mouse head, or your head on a mouse body. See what I mean? But it doesn't have to stop at only one particular animal. We're allowed to merge as many animal/human features as we like. The artwork might end up looking like a mutant hybrid such as Patricia Piccinini's "The Young Family", or Kate Clark's "Manimal", or something completely different... It's up to us. Of course, ours project is about drawing and printing, not so much sculptures, but you get the general idea.

Our teacher suggested we get input from family, friends and people who are close to us and have known us for a while, so this is where you guys come in the picture. If you have the time and inclination, I would very much appreciate if you could email me and let me know which animals you think of when you think of me and my personality. Don't worry about offending me... I am quite aware of my positive AND negative traits (especially the latter). ;)


  1. You may not have a busload of close friends, but those you do have you are fiercely loyal to and protective of - could be a dog or a lion

    You like to take time to play and enjoy life, whether its a video game or an outdoor hike - otter

    You have extreme focus, especially when you're working on something - heron

    You can learn how to use just about any tool out there - crow

    You play things close to the vest until you get to know someone well, only then do you allow yourself to be vulnerable - raccoon - who could also stand for your insatiable curiosity!

    Your love of music, making musical instruments - mockingbird

    Your ability to tap into your unconscious and intuition through the use of divination - loon

    Your ability to adapt (I'd say moving to Oz from Canada would definitely qualify) - snake

    Taking the resources available and creating something lovely, sweet and useful - honey bee

  2. Oh my gosh, how could I forget your independent streak?! - CAT!! :D


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