Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Call it...

An early birthday gift from D. See THIS? Mine, mine mine!!!! :) I'm currently stalking my postie. Why am I getting a decent camera with extra zoom lens? Because if I am to be a serious wildlife artist, I need to start thinking of myself as a photographer as well... Otherwise, it'll cost me a fortune in royalties, buying other people's reference material. I need to build myself my own folio, instead of relying on such sites like iStock, Gettyimages and Shutterstock


  1. I had a brief moment where I thought I had forgotten your birthday, lol. Very nice camera at a great price! Looking forward to some practice pics posted on your blog (hint hint).
    Forgot to ask you in my email if you ever heard what happened to the little cockatiel you rescued - did an owner ever claim him?

  2. LOL! ;) I got your drift, soulsis. I'm hoping we can get it before the end of this week, but most likely, it'll be in my grubby little hands next week.
    Peeko is well and safe at the Brisbane Bird Clinic. Still homeless, but at least safe. I think he might get re-homed in a few weeks time. No one has claimed him so far. Check out their Facebook page... He's featured on it. http://www.facebook.com/BrisbaneBirdVet


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