Friday, May 31, 2013

Landscape diptych

I finally finished both abstract/stencil/landscape diptych. I added a light misting of white paint to the American buffalo one and I think it ties it all together nicely. I won't be doing any more to the African Cape buffalo one... It's just nice as it is. For some reason, my iPhone darkened the colour of the front Cape buffalo... They're actually a very dark burgundy colour (not black).Two more art project to go and that's it for this semester. Ye HAW!


  1. I really like the contrast of the warm colors and the cool colors of the two diptychs. The two similar animals in two different harsh environments tie together very nicely. Most excellent, soulsis, and MUCH better than the kitchen wall stencils I had in mind, lol.

  2. Thanks soulsis! :) That`s exactly the look and feel I was going for... Cool and warm colours, muted and high contrast effect. The actual painting was easier and took less time than making the durn stencils. My index finger is still trying to recuperate from all the abuse! LOL! :D


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