Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's been a while

Apologies to everyone. It's been a while since posting on my blog. My art teacher (last year) wasn't kidding when he said that the Certificate IV in Visual Arts was way more demanding than the Cert. III. I have been "in over my head" with homework these last few weeks. Here's the update so far.

  • I've nearly finished the bone critters pyrography. Only have the fish-man and appropriate text to do.
  • I've managed to carve out the low-relief on the East and South section of my drum. Yes... I had to do some last minute adjustments. Initially, I had inverted the North and South cardinal points because I am now living in the southern hemisphere, but it just didn't make sense. This is a personal symbolism project, based on my origins (Canada)... So I opted to keep them as is (in the northern hemisphere). But I did invert the trees for South and West (Willow now sits in the West and Maple in the South).
  • I've nearly completed one of the diptych (the American buffalo one) See photo below.
  • I've created the stencils for the other diptych which I should start on Thursday (if all goes well). This one will have warmer colours, higher contrast and feature the African savanna and Cape buffaloes.
Landscape diptych, based on stencils and repetition. Still need to "knock back" the darker buffaloes
with a light misting of white, to make it look like "blizzard-like".
Acrylic of canvas - 120cm x 60cm (47 1/4" x 23 9/16")


  1. This looks good - I especially like the way the misty look softens the stencils. When you were talking about having to do something with stencils I couldn't imagine anything arty - I kept seeing borders on a kitchen wall, lol. I'm truly impressed with this diptych and look forward to seeing the Cape buffalo one. I imagine just creating the stencils requires a lot of time and patience too!

  2. Thanks soulsis! :) I also had the same reaction as you when our teacher mentioned "stencils" and "landscape" in the same sentence! LOL!
    Yes... Cutting out those small stencils can can be quite time-consuming and fiddly, not to mention painful on the index finger (think, cutting through thick cardboard with an x-acto knife!)
    Today is D-day for the Cape buffaloes... Wish me luck!!


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