Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lynx part trois

Boy, did I struggle with that one! I'm not a big fan of charcoal and for good reasons; it's messy, it tends to go darker when sprayed with a sealer, it's messy, it makes me sneeze (I reckon I'm allergic to it), and did I mention... It's messy!? This is a reverse-drawing where the paper is fully covered with charcoal and the image is then drawn with an eraser (this is called "subtractive technique"). It's not my best rendition of the Old Man of the North, but considering the sort of artwork it is, it came out better than expected.

Charcoal reverse-drawing on cartridge paper.


  1. You ERASED the charcoal to create a picture?! (Did you hear the "thunk" of my jaw hitting the floor?) :D

  2. LOL! :D Sorry about unhinging your jaw, soulsis, but yeah... It's kind of "back to front". The eraser becomes the pencil, so to speak.


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