Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lynx part deux

So here's the second "interpretive drawing" I did of the Old Man of the North. I wanted to use complimentary colours (yellow and purple). I basically slapped on a mixture of yellow paints and impasto gel unto the paper, and used a palette knife to create some peaks and texture to it. I drew the lynx using my Shin-Han Twin Touch markers. It was easy to get the fur detail because of the impasto; I just had to let the pen "graze" the peaks. You can notice the shininess of the impasto at the bottom of the drawing.

Shin-Han markers on impasto textured cartridge paper.


  1. Holy cow woman, when people say they "slapped" together something, it usually means a half-assed effort, but you've got a masterpiece there. Love the texture on this one. :)

  2. **BLUSH** Thanks soulsis! :) I just hope I can pull a third "tour de force". I'm running out of ideas for this project. LOL! The last one will be a reverse-drawing in charcoal, hopefully giving it a "sfumato" look.


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