Monday, April 01, 2013

Another still life drawing

This one is based on a ceramic sculpture created by one of my school teachers. It's already spoken for... A friend of mine wants to buy it off of me. :) *jumps around*

3 Steps to Nirvana
Mixed media (coloured pencils, ink, dry pastel) on craft paper
Slightly bigger than A3


  1. I can see why she would put in a bid for it - it's lovely!

  2. Thanks luv! :) I followed my Monday teacher's advice and opted not to finish the Buddhas, allowing them to "disappear" in a ghostly fashion, as if they're becoming disembodied spirits. I think it looks good that way. The funny thing is, my other teacher looked at it and asked me "when are you planing on finishing it?" (yes... I was being serious! LOL!)


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