Friday, March 08, 2013

Stomping the stump

I found the culprit that attracted the termites close to our house and into my studio; a big stump from a tree I had cut down and left there. My bad!!! So... I fixed my goof up, all on my own. I dug up the monstrosity that was slowly being turned into papier-maché.

Went for an hour walk in the morning, then scrapped and sanded back my walls in my studio (so Dave could re-plaster them flush to the floor... no more bloody skirting), and I dug up this friggen stump. All in a day's work! :) I'm telling ya... That new paleo lifestyle of mine has really jump-started my metabolism. Down from 66.7kg to 63.6kg and counting. As we say in Quebecquer... "J'pete le feu!" (I'm on fire!)

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