Saturday, March 02, 2013

My new toy! :)

Totally drained my piggy bank but sooooooo worth it. ;)


  1. Hehe, great video :)

    That keyboard and the stylus are great! Looks like it will make school work a who lot easier with the new iPad :)

    Ariel xo

  2. Very nice! How do you get something you created "out" of it? Can you send it to a printer, put it on a thumb drive, etc.?
    Mia was hysterically funny in the background. So like Cloud... Completely ruled by the stomach, lol!

    Remember the elemental dice you made a while back? Would you mind if I made myself some to use based on yours?

  3. Hey Ariel! It sure will! I use it last Friday to take some notes at school... So much faster than writing (and much cleaner too! My handwriting looks like chicken scratchings. LOL!)

    You're more than welcome to make some dice, soulsis. I feel flattered. *blush* :) Yes, you can print out stuff from an iPad. You can either send your work to the iCloud, or Dropbox, or any online storage and retrieve it from your desktop to print it out, or if you have a wireless printer (as I do), many apps will actually connect directly to the printer.


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