Saturday, March 02, 2013

Going down, down , down...

As Bruce Springsteen sings... "I'm going down, down, down..." Indeed! Since switching to the Paleo lifestyle (I hate calling it a "diet" as it truly is more of a lifestyle), my weight is dropping off like mad. Have a look at my weigh chart below. Can you tell when I started? Here's a clue... About two weeks ago.

When I was previously eating my regular foods, I even when up for a couple of weeks! Usually, that was caused by my periods, bloating and retention (grain carbohydrates will do that to you.) This week is cycle time again, and I haven't gone up; no bloating, no weight gain (even lost a little bit, but not as much as the two previous weeks), and the biggest bonus of all, which I have NEVER experienced in my whole mature life... NO BLOODY CRAMPS!!! Not one!! I did experience one strange PMS day of crying, but that was it; no aggressiveness, no tension, no headaches, no distended belly. Wow! Here's some other wonderfully weird side-effects I've experienced since going Paleo.
  • Energy TO BURN! I get out of bed like a rocket, raring to go.I also use to go to bed at 8:00pm latest as I was totally out of fumes. Now, I can stay up 'til 10:00pm without blinking and eyelid.
  • I now sleep like my husband... Like a dead log. Dropped pins no longer wake me up.
  • I am much, much calmer. Little thing don't bother me anymore. I wouldn't say I'm "sedate", but definitely more "laid-back" and less on-edge all the time.
  • Brain fog is gone! I can think so much more clearly now. Even my maths have improve! LOL! :D
  • Debilitating hunger pangs that made me aggro and keel over are history. Even if I skip a meal, I can keep going without getting sick in the stomach, dizzy or irritable (not that I wanna do that on purpose, but I have noticed that improvement).
  • Eternal nasal congestion is nearly all but gone.
  • Eternal chest cough, mucus and throat clearing is totally gone.
  • Overall, generally more positive and relaxed outlook on life. I always used to "assume" the worst, not "expect" the best.
I know it sounds a bit over-the-top, but I'm just floored at how much better I feel in such a short time. Personally, jumping from my old lifestyle to a Paleo one hasn't been a big transition as for most other newcomers. I was almost off all sugars already (except perhaps alcohol), didn't have much milk anyway (still have a dribble in my morning coffee), and wasn't fuss on legumes nor potatoes. All I really added to my lifestyle is remove grains, and presto! I highly suspect I was either allergic or borderline Celiac. The physical, emotional and mental changes have been awesome! And if you think I'm drowning in meat, meat and more meat, think again. Have a look at a sample day of my food intake. You'll notice that meat really doesn't make up the brunt of it. Yes, my body is now running mostly on fat and protein, but I'm still getting plenty of "good" carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits. So my weight might be going down, but my outlook on life is going up. More on this adventure later. :)

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