Monday, February 11, 2013


Here are a few of the things I've done so far in class.

Nude gestural drawings (2 minutes) - Compressed charcoal

Grayscale sketch of a palm leaf - Black & white acrylics

Still life - Coloured pencils

Grayscale printing of gum leaves - Black acrylic

Nude sketch (10 minutes) - 2B graphite pencil

Nude line drawing (4 minutes) - graphite, compressed charcoal and coloured pencil

Grayscale sketch of a branch - Compressed and willow charcoal

Nude gestural sketches (2 mins for graphite, 4 minutes for coloured pencils)


  1. Two, four and ten minutes!? Good grief, I couldn't draw a toe in that brief amount of time, lol. Those look great; I especially like the guy squatting and the skull.

  2. **BLUSH** Thanks soulsis! :) I'm so use to taking my time when I draw... This is rather demanding. Our teacher keeps prodding us on to doodle faster and faster. I guess in some way, it forces me to stop being so pedantic with details and focus on the bigger picture.

    By the way... A little "birdie" told me your birthday is coming up. ;) You'll understand my reference soon enough. LOL! Keep an eye on your postie. Two deliveries are on their merry way!


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