Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pretty rainbow

We've had some weird weather these past few months, for sure, but the combination of rain and sunshine never ceases to amaze me. Rainbows are just one of those rare and beautiful moments of nature.

I like the way it was peeping through the branches. The photo doesn't give due justice to its beauty.


  1. Simply beautiful. :)
    We are getting LOTS of rain - they predicted 8 to 11 inches in two days time. The city has pumped the water levels down in the holding ponds to prepare(to keep the threat of flooding down). We are having a break now, thank goodness. I checked the pond yesterday by the house, and already it has crested the banks. The storm drains seem to be flowing free so far, so no flooding in the streets yet. Might possibly have more rain late tonight. Glad for the precipitation, just wish it didn't all come at once!

  2. OMG! You guys are going through the same crazy topsy-turvy weather rollercoaster as us. You guys stay safe. (((hugs)))

  3. Hiya,

    We've been getting loads of rain here too. A couple of nights ago it was like all the rain came down at once with very strong winds. Water starting leaking through the closed windows in the lounge room. There were actually mini tornados down south which we don't usually get in NSW.

    I hope you are all safe and well in Brissy and in the US.

    Ariel xo

  4. Hey matey!

    Just sent you an email. :) Yes... It's pissing down with rain up here too. This is a VEEEEERY wet year, and it seems to be like that all over the world. What's up with Momma Nature!?!? Global warming + melting ice caps = more rain, I guess.


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