Monday, February 25, 2013

I got my fix

Yes folks... I got my horsey fix last Sunday. D and I decided to go for our usual walk at Nudgee, and when we got there, we couldn't believe our eyes! The place was overrun with horse floats, horses everywhere and people mingling about. Turns out it was the yearly get together of the Darra Pony Club where they all get together and take their horses out for a swim on the beach. I thought I had died and gone to pony heaven. :)

The smile on my face says it all.
This lady was so nice. She let me cuddle her "baby". He's a Connemara / Arabian cross. A very gentle soul.

This black mare also belonged to the lady in the previous photo. She's a young Thoroughbred. Isn't she gorgeous!


  1. What beauties! Do they actually ride them in the water or lead them in for a swim? What a neat tradition that I'm sure the horses enjoy as well. Good timing soulsis!

  2. They actually do go ride them in the water, soulsis. :) The horses seem to love it! Apparently, salt water is excellent for their leg muscles and hooves.
    It was really a fluke to come across the group on that day, as they normally host this meeting in January but postponed it due to the cyclone we had.


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