Saturday, February 02, 2013

Bindrune pendant

Finished my bindrune pendant today. I use this symbol as my artistic signature. It's very powerful and meaningful to me. The photo doesn't show the nifty iridescent effect I've added to the wood. If you looks closely at the cracks of the grain, you'll notice it's slightly white... That's the iridescent medium, trapped in the creases.

Australian red cedar - 26mm x 34mm (1" x 1 3/8")


  1. Looks nice soulsis! It's great to have a personal symbol with so much meaning tied to it.

  2. Thanks soulsis. :) You know, A just pointed out at me that there's also the Laguz and Wunjo runes in there... Emotions, dreams, intuition, as well as joy and community. How cool is that!?!?


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