Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back on "motivated mode"

Sorry I've been so quiet, guys. I've been in a bit of a blue funk these past few weeks, but I'm back in what I like to call "motivated mode". I will spare you the extent of all the details, but it involves me having to deal with my longtime issue of rejection. I tend to fold back unto myself for a while, lick my wounds and then proceed to say "f**k it!" and retrieve a healthy dose of selfishness (read, looking after myself better and stop spreading myself thin for people who just keep taking and give peanuts back in return).

Speaking of peanuts, and food, and diet, and lifestyle in general... I've just recently decided to change my eating habits for one that may prove beneficial to me. So far, so good. I've basically cut out all grains and legumes (including rice, corn and peanuts), starchy roots (potatoes), dairy and refined sugars. So what does yours-truly eat? Plenty of veggies, good quality meats (organic and/or grass fed if finances permit), nuts, plenty of coconut oil and a wee bit of fruits (mostly berries). If it sounds like I'm eating like a caveman then you're not far from the truth. I've forgone the modern agricultural trend of the last 10,000 years for a more paleolithic one (hence the name of this diet, the Paleo diet). It may sound daff, but technically, it's only recently that we've been eating grains and legumes (as stated above), and even then, our ancestors that started the cultivation revolution "knew" how to prepare these difficult food sources. In South American native tribes, corn was a staple of their diet, but the maize was soaked several times in salt water to remove the indigestible phytic acid, then it was dried and ground into flour before the paste was made for tortillas and other edible. Wheat was left to leaven and sour for many days before it was turned into bread. Somehow along the line, we opted to speed up the process to the great detriment of our health. Not everyone will end up suffering the consequences of a typical grain-heavy and milk-heavy Western diet, but many do, and some don't even know they are at risk. I know for myself that since I've cut out the grain and cereals as well as the milk, I feel so much better. It truly is hard to describe, but the closest thing I can compare it with is being sick with the flu and then all of a sudden, the fever breaks and the icky feeling and foggy veil lifts. I sleep better, I think more clearly (am more alert), I feel less chesty and "phlegmy", and I don't have any more afternoon 3:00pm slumps like I use to. And get this... No more cravings for sugar nor alcohol! :) Even though hubby still adheres to the typical Western diet and finds it a bit annoying that we have to live "parallel" lives in the kitchen (shopping for different foods, having to cook our stuff individually, etc...) he's starting to see the benefits. My horrible flatulence problem I use to have is gone. He doesn't miss it and neither do I. Oh! And if you have a look at my weight ticker, you'll notice that I am shedding the pounds like water off a duck's back. Stay tune for more on my crazy primal diet adventure.

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