Monday, January 07, 2013


Found this online. I know many people who could benefit from reading this poem. I, for one, think that society has rigged us up to become drones; don't think and don't "be". Just mindlessly believe in the retirement-fantasy dream we feed you, keep the economic wheel turning and when you reach 65 (and you're useless to us), we'll replace you with a younger model while you go and enjoy what's left of your life (that's if you've managed to survive the stress and are still alive and healthy). By then, you're so rundown from all the abusive stress that you'll need countless numbers of pricey drugs just to function or stay alive... So in the end, the system takes back your hard-earned cash from you without you even realizing it.

         It's been said that most of us living in the twentieth 
                  century are not human beings but "human doings." We spend so 
                  much time DOING that we don't have much time left for just 
                  Many of us suffer from a fatal disease called "busyitis."
                   Is this poem referring to YOU???
         "He never had time to pen a note.
                   He never had time to cast a vote.
                   He never had time to sing a song.
                   And he never had time to right a wrong.
                   He never had time to love or give.
                   He never had time to really live. 
                   But from now on, he had time on end...
                   He died today my busy friend."
          Take time to take time,


  1. I read a quote by Bertrand Russell a while back that said, "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." I agree with the poem that we need to be mindful and take time to enjoy life. I heard a guy say at a meeting the other night that being in the moment, paying attention, was a spiritual connection. I heartily agree!

  2. It always makes me giggle when someone says to me "stop wasting time, time is money". The whole structure of this phrase is ironic. Humans produce, consume and waste beyond any other creature on this planet, and as for time and money, these are two man-made abstract concepts. According to the statement above, I'm "wasting" things that are immaterial and non-existential... Doesn't sound like such a bad thing to do in a world that's being overrun by our garbage and waste products!


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