Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prayers needed

Please send some comforting thoughts and prayers to those that are currently battling the infernos, and those that have lost their livelihoods to it. 2013 is rigging up to be a shocking scorcher of a year. We've already beaten record high temperatures and it's just the beginning. We never had a rainy December or January, and with the last few years of heavy rain and growth, this place is a tinderbox filled with fuel!! It is so unusually hot and dry. I guess the Feng Shui experts aren't wrong... This is a Water Snake year... Not a good combo, apparently. Check out Paul Ng's analysis... Not wrong about fires raging in southern countries!


  1. My thoughts are with the brave folks fighting the fires and the people in the path of where it is burning. Sad to see some of these fires were deliberately set... :(

  2. There are so many bushfires surrounding us now that the smell of smoke is permanent in the air. It's quite bad!! Fingers crossed we can get a bit of rain to put out those infernos. :(


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