Thursday, January 03, 2013

Guilty as Sim

Let it be known that yours-truly is a childish 40+ yro woman who has nothing better to do during her holiday season than to play The Sims 3 on her computer. Guilty as Sim, your honour. There's only so much Skyrim a person can take before they crack open like a ripe watermelon. One of our local electronic store was having a boxing day sale on, so I decided to drop in and have a look at what was on special.Turns out The Sims 3 and many expansion modules were going at a ridiculously low price, most likely due to the fact that it's a 3 yro game. I didn't really care! So I came home with a bundle of Sim stuff and lots of time on my hands to kill. Call me stupid, call me lame, call me a hardened realist or a hopeless pet-lover, but it didn't matter what sort of character I was going to play in the game and what goal it was going to achieve... I just HAD to have my two girls be part of the fiction-fantasy world. So I create Sim copies of Angel and Mia. Not only was I able to create close to true-to-life renditions of them, but by selecting character traits from the pet AI (artificial intelligence) I managed to create "near" carbon copies of my two mischievous babies. I nearly peed myself laughing when I saw my Sim-Mia investigate the dripping tub tap (as my Mia would), or when my Sim-Angel decided to shred some newspapers and lay down on top of it (just like my paper addict would!) Will the real "cats" please stand up and be counted?! Is it just that good of an AI, or is it simply that cats are THAT predictable and Electronic Arts (the makers of the game) did a bloody good job in inputting the stereotypical behaviours of cats?! Who knows! It doesn't matter... Whether real or Sim, cats are simply hilarious creatures of habits.

What is it with Angel (sim or real) and paper!?!?

A curious sim-Mia investigating the dripping tap... So real it's scary! **shiver**

Hogging the couch, watching t.v... Even my sim character gets ousted off the couch!

This is just too realistic!!!!


  1. That is hysterically funny - and it looks just like both of them! C has this game (though she can't play it now without a computer); she really only liked it because she liked to create characters. It was so good to talk to you yesterday!

  2. Same here, soulsis... It was lovely chatting with you. :) (((hugs)))

    The Sims is a fun game, and I can see what all the hype is about. It's a nice escape from real life. The danger lies in the fact that for some, they might prefer the sim-life over their real one. I'm with C on this... I just enjoy making characters and seeing how they pan out in the cyber-world. I'm just too boring to think up fantasy characters and fantastic scenarios... I replicate my real life!! LOL!


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