Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Xmas / Happy Yule

Or in our case, happy Litha! We've just had the longest day of the year, and boy, am I not getting much sleep! The birds are up squawking at 4:30am. Hubby and I are having a quiet one this year. We're staying home with our girls and doing things we enjoy doing. D is fixing up his computer, I'm finishing up my Pictish harp, and as for our girls... They are giving their new jungle gym a serious go.


I'm 'onna nip you, sis!!!


  1. Happy holidays to you, D, and the girls (looks like they love the new toy!) Hope y'all have a restful day and a peaceful, happy new year! And thanks for the hug you left on my blog (((soulsis))).

  2. They sure love their new gym! Boofy's taken a liking to the top-most bunk, and Ratty likes the large cubby house. And don't mention it, soulsis... I know how bloody hard it is. ((((hugs)))) xo


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