Tuesday, December 11, 2012


As painful as it is for me to admit this... My art teacher was right. *hangs head in shame* Everyone who's ever tried their hand at painting knows how bloody expensive paints can be, whether it be oil, acrylic or watercolours. So when your favourite "tightwad" bloggist decided to buy paints for a new project, she opted for some really cheap ones. BAD MISTAKE!! Yesterday, I spend several hours, swearing my head off, trying to cover the canvas with colours and achieving close to nothing. Granted, it's a winter scene and consist mostly of whites, blues and greys, but common on!!! This was nuts!! I may as well have left the canvas to a gessoed white and call the painting done. So after much aggravation from using cheap crap that I bought... *cough cough*... supermarket... today, I decided to get myself a decent swatch of colour tubes for Christmas. I took David's advice and bought some nice Atelier paint by Chroma, some gesso and some painting medium. The best part is that I manage to scrounge up all these expensive items at a local art store that sells them at very reasonable prices. So there you have it folks! I'm done skimping with my art material. I may be $108 short, but at least painting is a pleasure again, not a frustration. Take it from me, guys... Buying cheap stuff just isn't worth all the aggravation.

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