Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And now... I wait

The harp is finally finished. I did a few modification to it. Firstly, since the grain of the soundbox is running from top to bottom (not side to side), I had noticed that the sheer force of the strings was slowly cutting into the soft grain of the bunya pine. Eventually, I suspected it would cut through the wood and leave nasty holes, and the bridge pins simply wouldn't be able to wedge them in place anymore. So I decided to add an inlayed spine of jarrah (hardwood) with a veneer that would have the grain running perpendicular to the string tension (left to right). It seems to be holding up well and doesn't appear as precarious as it was initially without it. Secondly, I changed the screw I was using to reinforce the neck with a much large bolt. Again, it seems to be bowing much less under the tension. I've slapped on five coats of Minwax wipe-on polyurethane satin finish. Yes, yes... Polyurethane IS a type of plastic, but believe me... After seeing how much "ding" this poor instrument was incurring while simply stringing it up, I thought it was best to give it some solid protection. Now comes the scary part... I have to wait, let the string slowly settle in (lots of tuning and re-tuning to do), and hope that the whole thing holds up under the strain and duress. After a few weeks, it's a good bet that all will be fine, unless the weather goes ballistic and changes drastically from humid to dry. That's when bad accidents happen. Eventually, the thing should be "playable"... Just gotta learn how to do so. :)

66cm (26") high X 44cm (17") length X 15cm (6") wide
19 strings, tuned from A3 (below middle C) to E6

The wren and the oak, powerful druidic symbols of the Awen

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