Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oh, what a night!

First off, apologies to everyone for again going MIA on my blog. The last few yards from my art course were the longest and hardest. There was so much to do before D-day, last night, but we did manage to organize everything in time and it was a resounding success. Little did I know how much of a success it was going to be... For me!!
A few days ago, things weren't gearing up to be so crash hot for the night; One of my friend couldn't come due to work commitment, hubby didn't really wanna go (art isn't his cup'o'tea and 3 hours of it was just a bit over his limit), and my big self-portrait was on hiatus in regards to going in the exhibition. In the end, there wasn't any room for my heavy and huge trees, so it didn't get to go on display. Initially, I was a bit miffed about it, but that feeling quickly vanished into oblivion as the night progressed on.

Receiving the award
Hubby had dropped me off earlier on in the arvo so I could help out the certificate IV students with the exhibition. It really is THEIR night and THEIR exhibition (they're the graduates running it), but me being me, I thought it'd be nice to give them an extra pair of hands. We had helped them out on Monday and Tuesday, so what was one more night. Later on, once it was well underway, hubby dropped back in for a visit. He had promised he was going to do so, and boy is he glad he did! Let me explain. He got in just in time for the opening speech and the awards presentation. There were three awards given out that night; two went to Cert. IV students and one went out to a Cert III. While the proceedings where happening, I was texting my friend who was on her way with her hubby and another one of her friends, telling her they were missing out on the opening ceremony (they were caught in downtown peek hour traffic and were going to be late). So busy was I, frantically trying to reach my mate, that I missed out on the whole spiel... All I heard was my name being called out! I was the recipient of the last award, for sheer hard work and dedication!! **Insert deer-in-the-headlight look** Hubby had to shoo me up to go get the award. I was in utter shock, to say the least. The award gift included an art book, an art journal, a few quality paintbrushes and some watercolour blocks. But this crazy night doesn't end here.

The red sticker means "SOLD!"
My friend and her posse finally managed to get here, so I started giving them the tour of the gallery. Everyone was in awe of the sheer quality of the artwork that was presented. There were roughly 50 to 60+ people, buzzing around in the corridors between level 3 and 4. At some point during our tour, I came across a mate that had been occasionally dropping in to our classes. Being an ex student of my teacher and having finished her diploma a few years ago, she knew the ins-and-outs and was helping out her friend's daughter who was currently taking her Cert III alongside of us. She looked overly excited and beaming with a huge smile. She grabbed me by both shoulders and nearly shouted at me; "You sold your 'Sunbather' painting!" **Insert raccoon-in-the-headlight look** The little guy had been bought by a lady she knows, and it's going to hang on the wall of some medical clinic. I just couldn't believe it! Only two paintings were sold on that night and one of them was my Roma Parklands one.

Rachel and me.
This night turned out to be totally amazing. For days, I had been pestering my husband to come along, telling him how important this was to me. I normally don't dwell or insist so much, but somehow, I intuitively knew that it WAS a big deal, but I had no idea why. As they say; "We all get our 15 minutes of fame." I had mine last night, and now, I am nursing a mondo migraine as I'm typing this. No... It's not an alcohol induced hangover! I'm just slowly coming down from a three day stressful rush and an incredibly emotional night. The HSP in me now wants (needs) to run away in the bush, just hubby and me, and our little camper. I am not use to this sort of stress and I don't think I ever will, but still... It's nice to bask in the afterglow of adulation, if only for a short while. :)


  1. Hi Matey,

    Congratulations!! That is amazing :) I'm so glad that the night went so well. Fingers crossed this will help you to be chosen to attend the Certificate IV class. What a great outcome.



  2. I knew it was only a matter of time before you were "discovered" by those outside your circle! Congratulations on your award AND on selling your painting (which I KNEW that you would!). Hope the migraine goes away but that your "glow" remains. :)

  3. Thanks guys... From the bottom of my heart! :) Y'all are gonna make me cry!! I so wished y'all could've been here with me. I know it's only Cert III, but it's a big stepping stone for me. Even though my teacher and I clash in temperament, I guess he respects my hard yakka and bullheaded determination. I had initially joined this class to meet like-minded people and make new friends, but it snowballed from there unto realizing a lifelong dream. Yes... I'm hoping that this recognition carries me over into Cert IV. The places are very limited and the waiting list long. Fingers crossed for next year!


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