Saturday, October 20, 2012

Springtime beauty

Every time we walk down to our local shopping mall, it's an adventure of discovery and beauty. A few weeks ago I came across a lovely yellow rose, this time around, we stumbled upon a nest of noisy miners located in a small tree next to the footpath. It was hard not to notice it as the two little fluff balls were calling out for food. I only took two photos as mum was getting nervous about our presence.

How cute are these little guys!

**Chirp chirp chirp** (translation: "Feed me, feed me!")


  1. Amazing how something so tiny can make so much noise! I guess the cute little fuzzballs are announcing the arrival of spring in Oz. :)

  2. Soulsis, for a while, we though summer was definitely here as it was hot and the humidity was ramping up, but these past few days feel like leftover winter ones gone astray... Cold, dry and extremely windy!! Momma Nature gone ballistic!!!


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