Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Back to school

Yesterday marked my return to art class. Only two weeks and I feel so out of it! I got to show the class my series of 14 drawings. I was one of only 3 who had accomplished the task!!! WTF!?! Everyone else had bludged during their break. I felt so jaded inside. Here I was, bothering myself with this stupid redundant homework instead of working on my harp. I'm such a bozo. Well... My teacher was at least impressed by my dedication, if not by several of my drawings. Ironically enough, the one I thought he was going to peg me for turned out to be the one that he loved the most... The scratchboard image of the Jagermeister logo. He even took the opportunity to show the class what it was about. The thing that left me flabbergasted though was the fact that so few people knew about pyrography!!! Were they raised by dingos? Teacher asked if anyone knew how I had accomplished that drawing, and all he got was heads shaking or blank stares. At that moment, that's when I understood why I feel left out in this class. There is a clear and obvious rift between arts and crafts. Painting, drawing, sculpting, etc... Are considered traditional arts. Pyroetching, scrimshaw, woodworking, paper-mâché, etc... Are considered crafts. I'm one of those rare goose that fly both coops!


  1. Well look at it this way soulsis, you might give those kids more of an education than they would have gotten just being in Dave's class!

  2. Good point, Sycamoretree. :) Actually, you should teach your own classes with everything you know!

  3. **BLUSH** You guys are too much! I'd love to pass on what I know... But I gotta get pass my shyness first. ;)
    The outspoken blogger you know here is no good in real life group scenarios.


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