Saturday, September 29, 2012

Will it ever end?

Just when I thought the spoiling was over and done with, hubby goes and does it again! :D Guess what he got me?? I can't believe it! What a shocker! I guess he must've overheard me say I wanted to downsize and get rid of my huge book library and migrate it all to a Kindle. I've already started "collecting" my much beloved books in electronic format. No more paper... Save the trees! Well... sort of (see below).

Other news (that contradicts what I just stated above). I've started working on my harp (so much for saving trees and not using wood, hey? LOL!) I've learnt a lot since delving into this harp-building project. It is no small feat to build one of these temperamental beauties. I read online a very appropriate description of what a harp truly is; "a piece of furniture that is constantly under threat of collapsing unto itself". Perhaps there's a reason why I like these instruments so much... I can relate! After much consideration, I decided to avoid all the fancy shmancy, "swan-necked", heavily carved and adorned design and opt for a simpler down-to-earth one (calculating the harmonic curve and layout of the tuning key is a bitch.) I'll be making a kind-of-somewhat-prototype-reproduction of a historical Pictish harp. Ardival (from Scotland) make lovely ones and they sound awesome. It's obviously not as loud as a concert harp, but I like it that way. I know it looks rather geometric and plain, but fear not... Yours-Truly will find a way to spruce it up in her own way.

Sadly, my harp-building project has ground to a halt yesterday. The saw on my band saw broke! Stupid me hadn't tuned it up for a while and *BAM* It just snapped while I was cutting wood. It's quite scary and potentially dangerous when this damn thing breaks. It sounds like a shotgun going off and you end up with a piece of shrapnel flailing all over the place. Because my little Metabo isn't a  standard size model, I have to wait for the store to order my part in, so I'm stuck, having to wait for it to be shipped over. If I'm lucky, I should be back on track come Tuesday (fingers crossed.)


  1. Oh, you got a kindle! Awesome, possum! I love mine. :)

    Always in awe of your many talents...

  2. Do I detect a "Dame Edna" influence, possum? ;)

    Thanks Carrie! I am SOOOOO dying to get back into building my harp. This was to be my personal school holiday project and now, I won't have time to finish it. Bugger! :(


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