Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two weeks respite

School holidays are here, which means I have no art classes for the next two weeks. Woot! But that doesn't mean I'll be sitting on my laurels during this break. No rest for the wicked, and I guess I'm a real bad girl!! I brought "jobs" to do at home (pun intended). During those two weeks, I'll be juggling between doing my stupid booze bottles drawings and finishing Stevo. I guess my personal project of building a Celtic folk harp will have to wait for a while longer.
Nearly finished!
Steve Jobs, looking sneaky behind his apple.
I made a stencil to add in all those pixelation on the app bar.


  1. He's looking good!

    Hope you have a good night.



  2. Great work! I like how he seems to be peeking out behind the apple bite.:)
    Hope you make some time for play in your two weeks off, even though you have projects to do too.

  3. Wow, that looks amazing! Blow my mind good! I was very impressed with the skull too... I remember that acetate stuff and how stinky it was... grrr, rubbing your skeleton off.

    That's really odd you got spam... I have never been bothered by it. I wonder why that is. It was so weird how I kept getting the robo thing wrong! (Glad you saw my note.) I feel bad if you're getting spam, though. What the heck!

  4. Thanks Ariel! :) Took me a while but I got through it.

    Thanks Bev! I managed to finish the durn thing today!! :) I now got stacks of time to do the 14 drawings and also take it easy. I'll put up a pic of the final result when I get a chance.

    Thanks Carrie! And don't worry about the spam bit... I found a different setting on Blogger that may stop the issue altogether (fingers crossed). :)


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