Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two in a go

I was so ill yesterday that I never got around to doing my stupid homework thingy, so today, I did two in one shot. First one is made with my Twin-Touch markers on Letraset paper, and the second one "was" coloured charcoal pencil on painted acrylic. I say "was" because nearly all the colours got blown away when I sprayed it with fixative. You see... Dry, powdery mediums such as dry pastels, chalk, charcoal, etc, NEED to be placed under glass immediately once they are finished, NOT sprayed with the crappy acetone stuff that stinks to high heaven! But... I need to be able to take these to school without smearing them. Result... A much darker (and duller) looking art piece. :(

Twin-Touch markers on Letraset bleed-proof paper

My poor skull got blown away with the spray! :(
I tried to compensate by re-adding a bit of coloured pencil afterwards.

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