Friday, September 28, 2012

Spoiled rotten!

It's not even my birthday and I'm already spoiled rotten! Not only did I get to open up my soulsister's fantastic b-day gifts early :) (thanks sweetie!) but the votive candle set by Mickie Mueller that  hubby got me was delivered just a few days ago. I am over-the-moon ecstatic will all those beautiful gifts! Hubby was making a point that I won't have anything to celebrate about, come my actual b-day, but who cares... This was perfect timing! I needed to feel spoiled and special as I am currently going through a tough stressful time. It's just what the doctor ordered. :) Because I have VERY curious cats that have no problems jumping 4 feet unto an exposed shelf, and who also happen to have a strange appetite for plastic and resin, I had to fabricate a hatch door to keep my altar safe from sharp little teeth when I'm unable to monitor it.

I wonder what's behind door #1!
Here's my little cupboard altar
Not fully set-up at this stage... Quite barren actually.
With the candles lite up... Looks very nifty!
Don't worry... It doesn't get all that hot in there. I made sure it's safe.


  1. VERY nice! I like the painted eggs in the cauldron too. :) Is the card from Mueller's deck?

  2. Well aren't you a lucky girl! Bless. I'm glad you got spoiled. :)

    Love the "relationship projection" with our cats from the last post. LOL.

  3. Thanks soulsis! :) Y'all must thinl I'm weird with them coloured eggs, but spring IS on its way here, and we've just celebrated Ostara. And yup! That's one of the cards from the "Hidden Path" deck by Mueller. :)

    Thanks Carrie! I've been beyond spoiled this year! I hadn't the foggiest clue how spoiled I was gonna be... But wait... There's more! :D Check out my recent post.

  4. I love your altar! I love Mickie's art too, and her decks so I would love to get her altar set. It's so pretty!

  5. Thanks Fin! :) The set is just gorgeous and well worth it.


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