Monday, September 10, 2012

Demanding "Jobs"

Since coming back from our holidays, I haven't been very enthralled by my art classes. My art teacher has been an absolute pest with his juvenile jokes, blasting his annoying music on the classroom computer, and basically ignoring me or giving me very brief answers. It's as if he doesn't want a bar of me. As for the people in my class, I have yet to make any friends, which really was the sole purpose of joining an art course in the first place. All in all, it's a bit of a "fail", and I am slowly losing the zest for my classes. And on top of all of this, my muse has infected me with a new "beautiful obsession" and I am itching to start working on it, but alas, it'll have to wait 'til December... When all this hoopla is done with. In the meantime, I am slowly plodding through the classroom project, but my heart really isn't in it anymore.

The latest one we are currently working on is an appropriation of an old painting... Meaning, we take a well known painting of the past and "modernize it" somehow. I opted for good old Magritte with his "Son of Man" painting, and turned it into a tribute to the amazing founder of Apple Computers who past away almost a year ago... None other that Steve Jobs. I thought this painting from Magritte was quite fitting, not only because of the apple reference, but because of the many symbols attached to it that can easily be applied to Steve Jobs. We knew "about" the man, but we didn't really know "the man". Who was Steve Jobs, the man hiding behind Apple? I've also slipped in some symbols of my own; the calendar shows the number 5, the phone has 10 messages, and the inbox 11... Steve died on the 5th of October 2011. Above his head, (where the hour, carrier, WIFI and battery logos appear), it'll show RIP instead of AT&T, 3:00pm (the hour of his passing), and the battery will appear depleted. But the WIFI logo will show full reception. He may be gone, but he's still inspiring others. My painting is far from being finished, but it's coming along nicely. I plan on using some iridescent medium on the chrome edges and applying some glossy binder on the iPhone to make it shiny like the actual device. The background will remain mat.

Most of the colours have been blocked in... Still need LOTS of details.


  1. That is so awesome, and somewhere I think Steve is smiling about it... :)

  2. Catching up on your photos (wow!). That's too bad on the course. Though it doesn't look like your muse has gone to me! Wowsers.

  3. Thanks soulsis. I like to think he is. :)

    Thanks Carrie. If anything, this class has helped boost my self-confidence about my artwork, so it wasn't a total waste of time, but I do think my muse is calling me home (literally and metaphorically). :)


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