Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I hate homework!

I've just started a dumb art homework assignment today. We are to pick a scene that goes through some sort of daily changes and draw it fourteen days in a row. How bloody boring... Not to mention stupid!! Our teacher did warn us that after 3 traditional graphite pencil drawings of the same scenario, we'd go crazy! Sooooo... We need to come up with new ideas for making it "fresh" every day; by using different mediums, different papers or supports, zooming in and out on it, different angles or perspectives, etc...

I am NOT liking this project one bit! It's cramping up my style. I have other things to do at home besides redrawing the same thing over and over again, for fourteen days in a row. I am itching to start this new "obsession" my muse has infected me with, but by the looks of it, I won't be able to because of this stoopid homework. Today, I bit the bullet and decided to start it... My "variable" subject... Our bar! I looked left, right and center, high and low, for daily home scenery that get "modified" over a period of time, and all I could think of was our bar and booze bottles. Hubby and I enjoy a tipple every now and then, so I know the bottles get shuffled around and the drink levels change. What else could I use? A roll of toilet paper!?!?! I agree with my husband... What a dumbf**k assignement that is! So here's my first BOOOOORING drawing of our bar shelf. It's plain old graphite pencils on white cardboard paper. I gotta find inspiration for this sh** every day... What a bummer! :(

Took me about an hour to finish this.
Why do I get a feeling these bottles are gonna get shuffled around A LOT for the next 14 days?


  1. What's he trying to do to you! I think I'd focus on the skull and find 14 extreme close up angles of the thing, make it all bold and colour, then put all the 14 pictures together into one at the end. Apparently, I like your skull jar. :) Hope you find a way to make it more interesting. I remember all those tedious art classes in college. A bunch of people left the course!

  2. Nothing he hasn't already tried, Carrie... The bloke is driving me bananas!! He is so juvenile and ego-driven, it's sickening. Never mind the project... The teacher himself is enough to drive anyone up the walls.

  3. HI Matey,

    I like the idea of the toilet paper roll, lol! Maybe you could place one on the drinks shelf for fun ;) or as a sign of protest. That would mix it up, lol!



  4. LMAO!!! Classic one, Ariel!! Yes... This project IS literally giving me the shits! Think he'd get the message? ;D


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