Friday, September 14, 2012

Deer in the headlight

I guess that's the look you get after one too many Jagermeister, or after spending four bloody hours scratching away with a tiny blade! At the risk of being pegged by my teacher and "made an example" of what a fail is, I decided to zoom in on one of the bottles and focus my attention on the label. I used a technique called "scratchboard" for this one. Firstly, I made the actual scratchboard; I took a stiff piece of cardboard, covered it with a thick coat of random coloured wax crayons, and then painted over it with some black acrylic paint. Once the board was dry, I drew a light graphite design of the label and then proceeded to gently scratch away those lines with an exacto blade. I didn't go into the umpthieth detail for this one and skipped all the German mumbo jumbo around the labels. Here's the result.

Scratch, scratch, crosshatch, scrape!!! 


  1. Wow! Great job! I've wanted to try the scratchboard technique for a long time. Hopefully I can when things have settled down here.

    more (((Hugs)))


  2. Thanks matey! :) It's tedious and unforgiving but still quite fun to do. It's cool to see all the colours pop through as you scratch along. I goofed in a few spots, though... Scratched a bit too roughly and some of the cardboard got ripped up. :(

  3. I think your teacher should be impressed with the different ways of seeing (and drawing) the same thing! I had no idea you could make your own scratchboard...

  4. I sure hope so, soulsis! I'm really having to wrack my brains out to come up with innovative ideas for this same boring subject.
    My qualm is that he might nitpick at me the fact that I zoomed in so much with that one... That there is no "relation" to the bar space or the other bottles surrounding it, so we can't notice the so-called "daily change", if you know what I mean. He's pedantic enough to do so... He has done it in the past, and taken great pleasure in using my "mistake" and making a public display of it to the other students. :(


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