Monday, August 06, 2012

Finished! Off to our Cairns holiday!

I finally managed to finish my self-portrait project today, and I am now officially on holidays until the 25th of August! Yay! :)

It's all about trees and how much of an influence they've had in my life. They've helped me get through some of the roughest periods of my life (especially high school) and have helped me define who I am as an individual. The Willow represents my Yin or female side. It is a very feminine tree. Whilst in high school, I didn't have many friends and during lunch time, I use to sit under this huge weeping willow tree that was across the street from my school. Many a times I cried there, conveying my deep feelings to this huge tree, and what I got in return was so much love, compassion and a deep sense of acceptance and unconditional love. For me, the Willow is a mother figure, full of nurturing, love and gentleness. The tree on the right is a white Oak. The tree portrayed in the photo grows not far from where I use to live. Many a times I would sit under this huge patriarch while I would ponder my issues and look for solutions to my problems. From the Oak, I received much guidance and advice. It helped me built my self-confidence and identity (hence the CB WUZ HERE graffiti... Leaving your mark and standing up for who you truly are). For me, the Oak is a father figure, a strong protective and guiding force. Then, at the centre, lies the Maple tree... The tree I am most fond of. I will never forget the first time I saw a forest of sugar maple trees in all their autumnal glory!! It was as if an artist had taken a paintbrush and set the mountain side ablaze with fire! As an artist myself, the tree represents my core identity: my creativity, where I get the most joy and happiness out of life, and the joining of both my creative female and male side.


  1. And what a project it was! My soulsis NEVER does anything half-way, lol. Looks great; I like how each window has a picture of you with the tree inside. Were some of these taken years ago? I like the "stress" marks too; it is what makes us "grow" in a certain direction. :) Congratulations for such a unique and awesome self-portrait!

  2. Fascinating and incredible... sincerely. Right down to the write-up here. I love your choice of trees and what they mean to you. Well done, and enjoy a much deserved break, you!

  3. @ Bev
    Thanks soulsis! I'm glad you agree with me concerning the paintbrush strokes. My teacher was being an utter pain yesterday... Forcing me to try a bunch of different techniques to see if I could "mask" them out, while I kept on repeating to him that I liked it the way it was and that I was actually aiming for that effect. *SIGH* In the end, I prevailed! :)

    @ Carrie
    Thanks mate! :) I truly worked my "ring" off on this one... Get it? Tree?... Ring? Ooooooh the mirth is flying low now! LOL! I REALLY need a holiday ASAP! ;D

  4. Oh! I forgot to mention... These pics were all taken on my last trip to Canada, in 2008. I was so happy (and relieved) to see that my old mates are still standing. :)


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