Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cairns holiday

We've returned from our tropical adventure up in North Queensland!! We got back yesterday afternoon, only to discover that we were locked out of our own home. Our house-sitter had left the security chain on, on the front door, before leaving. Consequently, we were locked out... But not for long! Two weeks of sustained trekking as well as a two hour flight under my belt had left me tired, grumpy and lacking much patience, so while hubby was busy trying to reach our house-sitter on his mobile phone, I decided to break the door in. Carole - 1. Door chain - 0. Hubby wasn't too upset (amused is more the word). I think he was just as annoyed as I was, but unlike me, he's more diplomatic; whether dealing with people or locked doors.

So we've been home for over 24 hours now, and all I've been doing so far is washing clothes, bedsheets, and doonahs... Re-arraging our house around... Grocery shopping... And catching up on emails. But I did manage to make a quick videoclip of some of the many places we visited whilst on our holiday. These are only photos and clips that were taken with my iPhone, as the ones from our main videocam haven't been processed yet (hubby's been just as busy as I have.) Anywho... Enjoy this little video. As for me, I'm off to crash early. I can't believe it's back to school for me tomorrow morning! ARGH! :( No rest for the wicked!


  1. Are those giant vine/trees the strangler figs I've read about? Good grief, with gutters like those, I can just imagine the gulley-washers they must have there! Thanks for sharing your vacation. :)

  2. Looks amazing. So much different scenery to enjoy. You could sail down those gutters! Nice job making that movie, and loved the musical accompaniment, too. What a holiday! And what an entrance home. LOL.

  3. @ Bev
    Yup! Those are strangler figs. They start their life at the top of trees (a bird poos the seed there) and then they drop aerial roots down to the ground. They eventually kill the host tree and what's left is this strange gnarl. And yes... When it rains up there, it positively buckets down!! Flash floods are very common.

    @ Carrie
    Thanks Carrie. We had a fab time up there. The song I chose is by an Aussie group called Oka, and the song is called "Most Beautiful". I thought it was quite appropriate. :) One of my friends now calls me Ninja-Carole because of this "impromptu" entrance of mine! LOL! ;D


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