Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Three trees

The monster canvas is finally assembled! I finished adding the last few touches this morning, before going to school... Talk about cutting it close! Don't mind the beginning of the video... It's the same as the previous one I posted.

And here's a photo I took of the progress so far at school. I managed to finish the willow today but couldn't finish the maple. Oh well! That'll be for next Monday.


  1. You're hilarious! :D That really is elaborate... and exquisite. Hope you enjoyed that glass of red vino! I'm sure you did.(I was enjoying my own last night as a nightcap, in fact... though, that's every night.) The little door idea is fantastic... be interesting to hear how you fix'em on. :)

  2. My friend, you are a creative magician, but you never pull the ordinary rabbit out of the hat - it's always something incredibly exotic! :D

  3. @Carrie
    Thanks Carrie! :) That project might very well be my swan-song if I keep at it the way I have been! LOL! Hubby came up with the idea of screwing the eyelets on some little wooden blocks and gluing them in place in the corners. Already did that and it woyks!!! :D *SIGH OF RELIEF*
    Soulsis... You flatter me! *BLUSH* Well... It IS a self-portrait and Yours-Truly is a rather complex individual (or should I say, an individual with complexes! LOL!) ;)


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