Thursday, July 05, 2012

Shift of balance

My school holidays are nearly over and I haven't drawn as many self-portraits as I had hoped for. I guess I'll have to bow my head in shame come Monday. My heart just wasn't into it. I've been busy playing nurse to both my fur-kids (and myself!) Yup! Angel is symptomatic as well, but she's nowhere near as bad as Mia. As for the big grey nurse, she's on the up and up. Up until yesterday, I was left perplexed and pondering as to why she may have had a relapse; what stressed her body and caused her to have a herpes flare-up? As I always do, I did some Googling and came across a few sites that mentioned how to prevent cat flu flare-ups, particularly those that are caused by the feline herpes virus. It's been known for a while now that humans can keep further outbreaks of cold sores by taking lysine, a type of amino acid, one that is quite prevalent in a product called... Wait for it...... Chlorella! Yes! The little green algae stuff I've been taking myself AND giving to my cats. A few weeks ago, my routine was so screwed up that I had stopped taking my tablets AND sharing them with the girls, especially Mia. Angel doesn't really care for them but Mia gobbles them up with gusto. Hmmmm... No chlorella... Mia gets sick... Coincidence!? I think not! I've since started giving her her much loved green tablets and she is looking and feeling so much better.
Note to self; keep giving chlorella to kitties.
As for me, I've gone the other way. My thyroid lump has increased in size, is putting pressure on my windpipe and causing me grief when I swallow. I've recently taken up coffee once more and increased my intake of chocolate... Coincidence!? Hmm! This coffee/chocolate addict has to learn to say "NO!" or suffer the consequences. Missing out on the chlorella musn't help either. And to coin my good friend's cheeky daughter, I'm also "surfing the red wave", and I have noticed a pattern between it and my thyroid going all funky on me. Hormones must be all over the place. On a positive note, my breast cysts are nearly all gone. The big one I had discovered in my left boob is nearly but a speck, now. Still, amidst all the health dramas, I DID manage to do a few self-portraits; one out of graphite, one in black Conté crayon and a coloured one with my Shinhan Twin Touch markers. Because the paper in my journal is heavy duty and soaks things up like a sponge, I opted to use the markers on some Letraset paper I still had leftover from my college days (yes... I hate throwing things away! LOL!) This type of paper is specially designed for markers as it is bleed proof. I believe it was a smart thing to do, otherwise, the ink would've run too much on the paper and the drawing would've looked like a dog's breakfast. It wasn't a big deal anyway, all I had to do afterwards was to cut the paper down to size, paste it in my journal, and voilà!

Note to self; keep glasses on... You can't draw for shit without them.

Is my head really shaped like this!?! Nah! Bad hair day.

My damn glasses were half-tinted when hubby took the pic, hence the purplish hue.

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  1. Wow, all the portraits look great! I especially like the marker one. Glad to hear that Mia is getting better; hope that Angel perks back up soon too. Stay away from that coffee and chocolate woman!


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