Monday, July 30, 2012

I hate Mondays

I don't do Mondays very well, and today was no exception. Couldn't brain... I had the dumb. I did manage to finish the maple and oak bark, and glue those blasted high school letters from *cough cough* "friends", onto the canvas... But I totally forgot about painting the heartwood of the trees. Oh well! There's always tomorrow. I will be doing the final touch-up bits on Tuesday... Namely slapping on a coat of translucent red on top of those letters, but also painting the heartwood of the trees. There is a lot of symbolism and personal meaning attached to this project of mine, and hopefully, I'll be able to enlist the help of a fellow student to help me record the video where I explain the significance of it all. Stay tune!

This photo was taken at around 4:00pm... The sun was just starting to tip down into the studio.


  1. Can't wait! :) They don't give you much time, eh? Crikey, mate.

  2. Actually... They do, Carrie. I'm the crazy mental-case that's opted to speed up the process. The reason why (besides for me being an obsessive nut-job) is that hubby and I are going on a holiday and I'll be missing four of my art classes. As I abhor falling behind (or falling on my behind, whichever applies), I'm speeding the process up so I can be slightly ahead of my classmates before I leave.
    We're leaving on Friday week... Two weeks up in sunny Cairns! Woot!! :)


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