Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fallen Angel

Sorry I've been MIA. School's started again and I'm already flustered. Speaking of "MIA", my poor kitties aren't out of the woods yet... Mia is pretty much over it (minus a bit of sneezing), but Angel is struggling. She is sneezing up a storm, her eyes and nose are extremely watery, and she's very lethargic. There doesn't seem to be any secondary infection though, which is good. It's just heartbreaking to see her suffer like this. She soldiers on, eating, drinking and sleeping, but you can tell that it's all an uphill battle for her. At times, her sneezing is so violent that she scares herself (you can tell from the bewildered look in her eyes).

Even Mia is worried about her little sister and is keeping a close eye on her.
By the way... That's an oil heater in between them.


  1. Poor Angel! But glad to see Mia is watching over her. :)

  2. She's looking and feeling better today, thanks to her big sister (and surrogate mum!) ;)


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