Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two years already

It's been two years yesterday since you left us, Girl. Mommy and daddy still miss you like crazy, and it still hurts when we reminisce over you. You've changed us forever and for the better; you've softened our hearts and strengthened our souls. The love, joy, comfort and laughter you've given us was tremendous. Even though our loss is incredibly traumatic and painful, if we had to do it all again, we would still welcome those eleven years of bliss... In a heartbeat! You may have left for Summerland, but your memories will live on forever within our hearts. Wherever your spirit roams, I hope it's finding lots of lamb sandwiches to rob off kitchen counters and plenty of birds to give lip to. Goodbye, my love! Until we meet again.
You were so tiny, yet had so much love to give.
You grew up to be such a lovely cat.
You sought out the sun so you could radiate with joy.
You watched over us when we were ill. 
And when you were ill, we watched over you. 
Here you laid, in your favourite spot. 
Your body has moved on, but your memories remain... Forever.


  1. That was a beautiful tribute, writing, photos and sentiment. Totally teary-eyed now. Lovely and sad all at once. *sniff*

  2. She was such a gift wasn't she? Smart, beautiful, and so full of personality...
    Hugs to you and D


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