Thursday, June 28, 2012

Skyrim possy

Just took a happy desktop snap of my Skyrim possy. I wouldn't mess with any of these guys and gals! It makes for a very "lazy" Skyrim gaming experience, though. On one occasion, I was invading a bandit lair, and all my orc had to do was to open the door... In poured the six crazy minions. My orc just stood there, picking at his nails while all around him were the sounds of clashing steel, zapping staves and blood curdling screams of bandits being butchered by this sextet of adventurers.

From left to right, behind my orc character, Romgarh Gro-Malok (on the black horse)


  1. Wouldn't you be too, with a hoard of bodyguards such as these?! ;P


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