Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Now I get it!!

It looks as if this winter is gearing up to be an encore-presentation of last year... Cold, miserable and VERY wet!!! Unusual weather, to say the least. I am noticing a pattern here... When our homes get invaded by droves of ants, we end up getting lots and lots of rain. They know!! They try to move in to higher, drier ground. I dread to think what is in store for us in the upcoming months... Just have a look at next week! Let's hope we don't get another flood like we did last year. :(


  1. Interesting (you're full of theories today) :D ... we were seeing all these big ants running about for a week or two there, and then we had days of heavy rain. And I just realized, but I haven't seen them since it rained. Bizarre!

    I'm still recovering from winter, now you're getting it. Brrrrrr!

  2. Either that, or I'm full of something else! LMAO! ;D

  3. We'll take any rain you don't want over here (but skip the ants please)!

  4. Would you believe the damn things are now invading our bedroom? ARGH!!! :(


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