Monday, June 25, 2012

No rest for the wicked

The damn flash kills the reflection!
So I've officially started my two weeks school holidays today, but there won't be much resting on my laurels during this time. Our teacher gave us homework... We are to do some self-portraits sketches for our next big project (when we come back). I had already done a bunch on Thursday but it appears it wasn't enough; "more variety, more style, more expression, more situations", was his reply. Our teacher suggested we draw ourselves from photos, from a mirror, or from any reflective sources. Really!?! Kewl! How 'bout a nice wyvern pewter tankard! Blimey! Can't see my face in the reflection? Tough! You only get my hand, my pencil and my sketch book. If you look closely, there is a smidgen of my face in the centre of the bottom rim. I'm sure he'll freak over it... He likes anything that's "out-of-the-box".


  1. Oh I LIKE that one! Very out-of-the-box! How about what you can see of yourself in your car's rearview mirror? Or a shiny door knocker? Dang, this is fun... :)

  2. Lovely! That's a very interesting self portrait. ;)

  3. Thanks guys! That one was a fun challenge. We also have a stainless steel kettle that would make an interesting reflective surface... I'm thinking I might give it a go. But not today. I've just come back from a very long walk and I'm exhausted.


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